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Jewelry Care


With proper care of your jewelry you can make them look like new!

  • Start by paying attention to their storage, store them in pouches, boxes or in your jewelry box
  • When wearing your jewelry do not spray it directly with perfume or with creams and body oils
  • It is best not to wear them in the bathroom and not to wet them constantly
  • Do not use silver jewelry cleaners on your gold or silver-plated jewelry or any other cleaning or chemical products, as they may discolor the gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry.

Aside from proper jewelry care, your jewelry (other than precious gold and silver) should not be worn always and everywhere. They will not last long if you wear them in the shower, at the sea, in the gym, at bedtime or when you do chores at home. Save them for your beautiful occasions or outings, where you know you will not face moisture or other conditions that will affect them


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